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Tessa and Aidan

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“Our Story” in the form of multiple-choice questions

Tessa and Aidan first met at which landmark:
a. The North Star
b. The Grand Canyon
c. The Snack Bar at Franklin Elementary
d. The Lincoln Memorial

Tessa and Aidan made long distance work by:
a. Having an open relationship
b. Playing words with friends as their sole form of communication
c. Falling asleep together every night over FaceTime
d. Ignoring one another’s bids for connection

Aidan executed an elaborate proposal to ask Tessa to marry him. Which elements were included?:
a. Both families shared a flight to Healdsburg to surprise Tessa right after Aidan proposed
b. Aidan faked that he messed up the hotel reservation and they would have to scramble to find lodging
c. Both A & B
d. Tessa said, "No, thank you."

Aidan and Tessa share a dog named:
a. Buzz Lightyear
b. Kitty
c. Kora
d. Bora Bora

Aidan and Tessa love attending the following events together:
a. Work events and marathons
b. Escape rooms and the beach
c. Food festivals and concerts
d. Exercise classes and pageants

Hint: the answer to every question is c.